Iniciativa Brasileira dos Polinizadores

Pollinating Bees - The Conservation Link Between Agriculture and Nature

Peter Kevan and Vera Lucia Imperatriz Fonseca (eds) - Ministry of Environment / Brasília, 313p. 2002.


SESSION I - The Main Issues In Pollinator and Bee Conservation

SESSION II - The State of the Art in Bee Conservation for Agriculture and Nature

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SESSION III - Methodology for Pollinator Diversity and Abundance

SESSION IV - Neotropical Crop Pollination

SESSION V - Other Contributions By Abstract

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International Pollinators Initiative: The Sao Paulo Declaration (Principle Results And Proposals For Action)
[ excerpts from " Report on the recommendations of the Workshop on the conservation and sustainable use of Pollinators in Agriculture with Emphasis on bees" .Brazilian Ministry of Environment, Brasilia, December 1999.]