Iniciativa Brasileira dos Polinizadores

IPI - FAO : International Pollinators Initiative at the Food & Agricultural Organization of the United Nations

IUCN: Task Force on Declining Pollination of the Species Survival Commission of the World Conservation Union

INESP: International Network of Expertise for Sustainable Pollination

API: African Pollinator Initiative

EPI: European Pollinator Initiative

ICIMOD : International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development

ITIS: Integrated Taxonomic Information System

CAER : Centre for Agri-Environmental Research

IABIN: Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network

SAFRINET: South African Network

ECOPORT: The Consilience Engine

ELC : Environment Liaison Centre International

GEF: Global Environment Facilities

GBIF : Global Biodiversity Information Facility

NAPPC - North American Pollinator Protection Campaign